Selena Gomez: Revival Tour

May 14, 2016 | Rogers Arena I was deadass broke at the time so I wasn’t able to buy tickets to her show but my friends had tickets and they asked me to come to the venue even though I don’t have tickets myself. They somehow believed that I will get in one way or […]

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Join me in my journey!

I moved to Canada five years ago and I never thought that it would go by so fast. It feels like I just arrived here yesterday. So many months have passed and yet it seems like everything happened in a blink of an eye. It’s actually quite fascinating how I never wanted to come here […]

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Is it such a crime to want to destroy myself so no one else could?

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Do not fall in love with girls whose eyes are as dark as their soul, they will consume you and turn you into ice or set you ablaze because that is their nature. And if you hope to capture their merciless hearts, don’t. they will lure you in with no escape. For guys like you are too weak to handle it. 🥀

/Thoughts/ 03.10

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