OTRA Vancouver

2015 has been such an interesting year for me. Definitely very eventful to say the least. At the start of the year I told myself that I will make the most of it no matter what. And boy did I ever. One of my favourite moments in 2015 was OTRA Vancouver. This is a three-part story. The Fan Project, The Hotel and The Concert itself. Feel free to skip to the part you’re more interested in.


The first part of 2015 was fairly decent. Nothing much was going on until the Fan Project got approved in March then things started picking up.

What Fan Project am I talking about? Well in fall of 2014 One Direction announced that they are coming to Vancouver for their On The Road Again Tour so me and Jocelyn decided to team up and do a Fan Project for the boys to make this one extra special. Its been two years since they’ve been here after all and they didn’t even drop by for WWA. So you can just imagine how thrilled Vancouver fans were the moment they announced a date for Vancouver.

In December of 2014, we reached out to BC Place (the concert venue) and told them about our plan. They replied and said they think the project is a great idea so they are forwarding the plans to One Direction’s OTRA Tour Team. This got us all so hyped! We never expected BC Place to reply to us let alone love our plan so much that they decided to forward it to the boys’ own tour team!

While we waited, fans across the world showed their support on twitter. They gave us so many encouraging words. And let me tell you this, the hardest part of planning this Fan Project is waiting. Waiting for their reply. Because you’ll never know if they will approve the project or not and IT DROVE ME CRAZY. LEGIT. Jocelyn and I would have long conversations about the project. So many what if’s.

Then finally, after waiting for three months, we have received confirmation that the project is a go! The Tour Team has approved our proposal and we have the full support of BC Place. WE WERE LOST FOR WORDS AND BEYOND EXCITED. WE CANT BELIEVE WE ACTUALLY GOT APPROVED AND NOT ONLY DID WE HAVE THE VENUE’S SUPPORT BUT THE BOYS’ TOUR TEAM TOO WHAT THE HELL.

We knew that was just the start. We still had so much work to do so the moment we received the thumbs up from the Tour Team, we went straight to work. We set-up a fundraising website (to help with the cost of the supplies needed to pull off the project), we created a Street Team and we spread the word like wildfire. So many people donated money and supplies it was crazy! People from out of town even shipped us print-outs and instruction sheets. Each Street Team member also donated a box of red paper. We had meet-ups and “work parties” where we basically had so much fun sharing stories, getting to know each other and basically just bonding. That moment when you’re surrounded by fellow fans and you all freak out over the same thing and no one judges you- it felt like home. And at the same time, we also got the job done. We wrote “HOLD UP DURING DFWYB” on the back of almost half the papers we used.

By the last week of June we were already set for everything. All that was needed was to pick who will actually go with us inside the stadium to set-up. We were only allowed to bring eight other people to make all of us ten in total. We chose based on age and dedication. The venue was very strict with this part because there’s a huge chance the boys might be doing soundcheck while we set-up. We contacted the people that we chose and we sent the names to the venue.

PROJECT SET-UP: The venue allowed us access the day before the concert. It took us almost SIX HOURS to set-up everything. We taped each and every one of those red and white paper, instructions and print-outs. Honestly it didn’t feel like six hours. We didn’t even notice the hours pass as we taped each and every single one of those papers. I guess the best part is seeing it all. I was definitely very proud of our team because it looked so amazing.

Our Set-Up Team: Cres, Me, Julia, Jovelyn, Taylor, Kat, Jocelyn, Megan, Amanda & Martina
Then all that’s left was to see it all unfold during the concert.


JULY 16, 2015

I found One Direction’s hotel. In the morning there was no one there but me and my friends.

We met Andy (Liam’s best friend).


More and more people came until the whole area was packed.We met these girls who met Lou and Lottie that morning too but they didn’t meet Andy. I guess they were taking photos with Lou while we were talking to Andy. I was a bit bummed because I would’ve loved to meet Lou. I had to leave the hotel that afternoon because that was when we had to set-up the Fan Project at BC Place. After we finished setting up, we went back to the hotel and not even five minutes passed, we met Josh (the drummer).


And yes, as you can see, there was a mob of girls outside the hotel when we got there. Okay, but wait. Let me tell you this: JOSH SMELLED SO FUCKING GOOD LIKE HOLY SHIT H O L Y S H I T THATS HOW GOOD HEE SMELLED. (But he was so tiny lmao)

We went home a few minutes after because we still had a very early morning  the next day.

JULY 17, 2015

Well as expected, there was already a crowd outside the hotel when I got there. The first person we see to come out is Mark (their trainer, who also stars in Niall’s #WhereWeGoingTodayMark videos). He said he’ll be back he’s just going shopping. He’ll take photos a little later. We respected his request and backed off.

I don’t know why but everyone went to the parking area. I guess they were hoping to see the boys drive by? And while everyone was back there we met Jon (the keyboardist)


and Mark finally came back from shopping. f1zfJdY4

After a few hours of waiting, I got confirmation from one of the bodyguards that the boys are already at the stadium. People always say never trust security but I trust this particular one because he’s always the one who helps fans meet the boys. So I just decided to go home and rest for awhile before heading to the stadium. I guess it was right to listen to him because a few moments later photos of the boys arriving at the stadium were all over twitter.


THIS IS IT HOLY SHIT. The day we have been waiting for for more than eight months. The day our project finally unfolds and the day I’m going to finally see my babies. ITS BEEN TWO YEARS. TWO YEARS IS TOO LONG WHAT THE HELL.

God you have no idea how nervous I was. In a few hours all our hard work will either be for nothing or make everything even more amazing. I remember when I was in line outside the stadium, this little girl  saw one of our instruction sheets and I heard her tell her mom: “OH MY GOD MOM THE FAN PROJECT IS REAL ITS REAL!!!”AND GOD BLESS HER SOUL SHE MADE ME REALLY HAPPY. It wasn’t just me who was excited for the project. There are thousands of people inside the stadium so eager to see everything unfold. I have never been so nervous in my life.

I totally forgot that when my sister and I bought our tickets we had no idea how far we were going to be from the stage. We honestly just bought the first ones we got our hands on so you can just imagine how I was almost in tears when we got there and we found out that we were TWO SEATS AWAY FROM THE CATWALK WHAT THE FUCK. Honestly I was so fucking happy you have no idea. Two years ago during Take Me Home I was scammed. My “friend” sold me this ticket for $200 when it was only worth $100. I was so desperate at the time because the show was sold out so I still bought it and I could swear I had the shittiest seat in the house. So to come from having the shittiest seat to being so close to my babies meant the whole world to me.

And finally, the show.

I wouldn’t be able to fit all my photos on here so I’m just gonna post my top 4 favourites.

I honestly cannot believe that throughout the whole show it was LOUIS and HARRY who noticed me the most. I thought it would be Niall and Liam but Liam was so focused on the row behind ours because of the children while Niall barely made eye contact with anyone. He glanced and waved at me a couple of times but that was it. It kind of made me a little sad tbh. But Louis and Harry made it all worthwhile. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times Louis made silly faces at me. I even have a video of Harry taking a photo of me, waving, giving me a thumbs up and a flying kiss! After two years of waiting I can’t believe I finally saw my boys again and this time they noticed me in the crowd! I know this might sound like nothing to those who have met them and seen them in concert several times but not everyone has that opportunity. This was mine. And it meant everything to me.




Everything still feels like a dream.

To learn more about our Fan Project story, you can visit our website: http://www.otratvancouver.wix.com/2015



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