Meeting Louis Tomlinson

A LOT of things happened this 2015 but this has got to top the list. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to meet Louis Tomlinson like this. I prayed to every saint known to man for me to meet the boys when they were here for OTRA in July but sadly, I didn’t meet any of them. And honestly, I almost lost all hope. The boys announced their hiatus and god only knows when they’ll decide to come back. But I think Santa finally got my letter and decided to give me my gift a month and 22 days early. Because on November 3, 2015 I met the love of my life, the sun, the moon and all the stars combined, my smol little hedgehog, my sunshine, my son, my home, my whole world- Louis Tomlinson. I don’t know what I did to deserve this but FINALLY THANK YOU LORD GOD JESUS SANTA WHAT THE FUCK I MET LOUIS FUCKING TOMLINSON.

I never really told the full story of when I met Louis so here it goes: I have never met any of the boys before that night so when I saw Preston I almost kicked my friend under the table. (We were eating at Cafe and Wine, which was at the very end of the walkway where international flights come out) I was like HOLY SHIT ITS THEM. The moment I saw Preston I knew Louis was going to be there. Then I saw Oli 🐭 aND FUCK THERE HE WAS LOUIS WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF OLI AND CALVIN (Preston was walking in front of them) HE WAS WEARING HIS ADIDAS HOODIE AND HOLY FUCK I TRIED SO HARD TO KEEP CALM I TOTALLY FORGOT WHERE I WAS AND I JUST STOOD THERE WATCHING HIM WALK TOWARDS ME (He was actually walking towards his drivers who were there to welcome him. They were standing beside me lmfaoo i didnt know they were his drivers until later on) AND FUCK HE LOOKED AT ME AND GAVE ME THE SWEETEST SMILE I COULDNT KEEP MY EYES OFF HIM I WAS SO MESMERIZED HE LOOKED SO CASUAL AND COMFY

He did look a little tired 😦 but he was so nice to everyone. He greeted them and shook their hands and all that. Then he walked towards me and I asked him for a photo. No one was suppose to know he was going here so he was a little hesitant at first. He legit said “I don’t want anyone to know I’m here” and Preston was like “We’re only here for two days. I hope you understand.” And I was like “Please we promise we won’t post anything.” Oli and Calvin were already walking out the door when Louis said “Alright, lets do a group photo” I was so flustered and nervous and I totally forgot my plan to take a video of the whole thing so I just took my phone and took a quick photo. My friend thought he said “quick photo” thats why she was prepared for a selfie but Louis was looking into my phone 😂 Then we thanked him and told him we love him and we wish he has a good time in Vancouver then before he left he said “Please, please, don’t tell anyone we are here.” So we didn’t post anything until we got confirmation that he was out of the country.

We didn’t force him or anything and he was happy to take the photo with us. What made me the happiest when I met Louis was that he trusted us enough that we would respect his wishes to protect his privacy while he was here so he can enjoy his down time. ☺️ He didn’t need to stop. He didn’t have to comply with our request. But he still did. Even though it meant possibly being spotted by other fans. He stopped and took a photo with us and talked to us even for a little bit. Honestly, I have never been more head over heels over the moon and back in love over this amazing beautiful talented and kind soul.

I met Louis Tomlinson. HOLY SHIT????



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