Meeting Cole Sprouse

I grew up watching the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and the Suite Life on Deck so you can just imagine how excited I was when I heard that both Dylan (Zack) and Cole (Cody) are going back into acting again. They took a little break and both studied and got a degree at NYU. Last time I checked Dylan already finished filming back in October, 2015. Now, Cole is just about to film his new TV show. And guess where? That’s right. Vancouver.

Cole is such a random person so my friends and I didn’t even try to look for him because for all we know he could be in a bush somewhere at Stanley Park or head burried in books at the Vancouver Public Library or maybe even doing one of his camera duels on the Millenium Line. So it came as a total shock to me when we bumped into him on the street.

It was Monday, March 7, when my friend and I decided to meet downtown and as we were standing talking on the sidewalk, my friend just randomly said “Hi Cole!” I turn around and see him turn towards us and all I could say was “What the fuck?!” I legit said what the fuck. I couldn’t believe my eyes he was actually standing right in front of me. We walk up to him and asked him for photos. I also asked him random questions too like how he likes Canada so far and stuff like that. My friend just finished taking photos with him then when it was my turn, these cute dogs walked in front of us and it made him sOoOooOO happy! It was amazing to watch him be so amused.

I was like “omg you love dogs??!” And he was like “I WANT TO SQUISH THEM” IN THE MOST ADORABLE VOICE EVER FUCK HES SO PRECIOUS

Look who we found near our local trash can (there was a legit garbage bin behind us).



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