Melanie Martinez: Crybaby Tour

February 21, 2016 | Vogue Theatre 

Ever since I found out about Melanie, I have been obsessed with her songs. Alphabet Boy and Pacify Her just resonated with me so much. So when she announced her tour, I sure as hell bought VIP.


My friends and I were the first ones in line for VIP and it was worth standing and waiting under the pouring rain. We got fucking barricade. She performed a couple of songs for soundcheck then we went to meet her upstairs. We were asked by Melanie herself to not use our phones during the soundcheck because she wanted to make it as intimate as she could.

Then it happened. We went to meet Melanie.


We all got to hug her before the photo. SHES SO TINY AND FRAGILE AND ADORABLE I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

After this photo we had a really good conversation with her about this inside joke we had. It was gold. Then we ran for our lives downstairs so we could get our spot back in barricade and we did.




If you’ve been following her, you know that there has been an issue with the VIPs for this tour. Here’s my two cents on the matter: I am one of those fans who bought the VIP with my hard earned money. I bought it so that I can be up-close and personal with one of the best people on earth that I truly adore and love. The VIP package details said that you will get a “meet and greet” with Melanie but it did not at all specify whether it would be a group meet and greet or individual . Everyone, including me, thought that it would be individual because that’s what she has been doing. So you can just imagine my disappointment when the tour started and everyone was like “WTF ITS GROUP M&G??!?!!” Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded that at all its just that the VIP package details were insufficient that led people to assume that it would be individual like before. It would have been less heart breaking on the fans’ part if we were told ahead of time instead of coming into it so blindly. Because of course we all had expectations. Everyone wanted that special moment with Melanie. That’s why I bought mine in the first place. So that I could have a decent conversation with her even for a little bit. We do understand it takes a lot out of her to do these meet and greets and I feel special that I was able to meet her but I’m not gonna lie, I was a little heart broken to find out I had to share that moment with randoms.

Nevertheless, my friends and I had an amazing experience meeting her and she put on such an incredible show like always. I can’t wait to see her again when she comes back!


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