Selena Gomez: Revival Tour

May 14, 2016 | Rogers Arena

I was deadass broke at the time so I wasn’t able to buy tickets to her show but my friends had tickets and they asked me to come to the venue even though I don’t have tickets myself. They somehow believed that I will get in one way or another. And tbh I had nothing going on that day so I decided why not? It would be fun to hang out and wait with them in line. We basically waited all day until the doors opened and we made friends with people waiting with us in line. It was honestly so fun that I forgot I didn’t have tickets myself lmao

I don’t know what kind of miracle my friends did but I got in. And not only did I get in, I got to the pit near barricade with all of my friends.

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These are the only decent photos I got of Selena. Most of what I got are videos. And since I can’t upload videos on here, you can just go check them out on my twitter or instagram.

Since Selena decided to continue her tradition of meeting fans outside, we went and met her after the show.

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I see me IG: @selenagomez


Honestly, I can’t thank my friends enough for getting me in. This was one of the best concert experiences I’ve ever had and it was fun that our entire squad got in, got to pit and we all met Selena after the show. 



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